Harveys Lake Borough has an eight member governing body. The Mayor of the Borough is elected every four years and the seven member Council is elected for four years in overlapping terms. This type of government is Mayor weak and council dominant. The governing body of the Borough is an elected Council, with the Mayor voting only in the event of a tie. The Borough Secretary is the Chief Administrative Officer and is responsible for carrying out the policies and enforcing the ordinances of Council, relieving Council from routine daily administration.

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Clarence Hogan

Clarence Hogan - Mayor


Michell'e Boice

Michell'e Boice - President


Thomas F. Kehler

Thomas F. Kehler - Vice President

Chair: Zoning
Committee(s): Roads, Garbage, Administration

Amy Williams

Amy Williams - Councilwoman

Chair: Recreation & Events, Garbage
Committee(s): Zoning, Grants

Ed Kelly

Ed Kelly - Councilman

Chair: Roads, Grants
Committee(s): Finance, Police, Sewer Liaison

Daniel Blaine

Daniel F. Blaine - Councilman

Chair: Finance
Committee(s): Roads, Police, Grants


Carole Samson - Councilwoman

Chair: Administration
Committee(s): Recreation & Events, Garbage

Bill Hilburt

Bill Hilburt - Councilman

Chair: Police
Committee(s): Finance, Recreation & Events, Zoning

Thomas O'Connor

Thomas O'Connor - Solicitor